Bamboo Paper Bin -Set of 2

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These bins are designed to replace your plastic paper bins in your office with an environment-friendly alternative at no extra cost. Each bamboo strip is carefully hand-colored to give a personal touch. The bright color goes with both traditional as well as contemporary surroundings. These baskets are made of bamboo. Of all the eco-friendly raw materials, bamboo scores high in most indicators. Being a form of grass, it is a highly renewable source. As such, it is a strong economical source where it grows. It has higher compression strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, It’s odorless and rot-resistant. These properties make bamboo products a good choice for daily use.

  • Handmade eco-friendly alternative
  • Multipurpose Storage Basket for small and big things
  • A very popular everyday convenience size for any office or house, Large: Height: 9 inch, Base Diameter: 9 in ch, Top Diameter: 10 inch Small : Height : 8 inch,Base Diameter: 8 inch, Top Diameter: 9 inch
  • Sleek yet Simple Elegant Look for any room or office, Durable, Sturdy and Long-lasting
  • Made with resilient bamboo strips
  • Country of Origin : India




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