Our Story

We remember when as kids, we would sit on handcrafted stools around a bonfire and listening to stories of our grandparents. Ever since, handcrafted products were a part of our life. Knowing some kind of handicraft is considered as a life skill in this part of the country. When we grew up following our career goals we also forgot the joy of sitting around the bonfire or sitting with friends on cane furniture over a cup of tea. Our lives are changing and we also want to preserve the traditional knowledge.

The idea of merging the past traditions of handcrafted accessories with contemporary lifestyle needs gave birth to the idea of Kraftinn. 

We come from a state rich in handcrafted traditions and we see what our artisans have created through all these generations. Despite the rich handicraft industry in India, there has been little growth. One of the main reasons is that they were not getting the value for their efforts. 

Kraftinn with roots in the handicraft rich state of Assam is bridging the gap. We sit together with our craftsmen  who have inherited the art from their generations before. We sit together with them and spend hours working a design. We then try to add practical value to the products for which the customers are ready to pay. None of us have been to a design school so we work like kids on a blank slate and try to come up with designs that translate into marketable products for contemporary lifestyle which are also scalable.

We learn from our artisans and most of the time we learn from YOU, our most valuable design teachers.

So craft a new story with us. Shop for our products here ….

Our process: 

Our design follows the following steps: ideation, feasibility study, prototyping, feedback from team, improve, feedback from potential customers, improve and repeatedly improve after feedback from actual customers. Our products have evolved over time based on feedback from users.

Our Impact

After associating with Kraftinn, the income of the artisans has increased 3-4 times and they also have an income security throughout the year. The artisans decide the price for the work they do and this keeps them motivated to keep connected with their inherited skills.