The Perfect E-commerce Customer

We are a very customer oriented company and try to provide the absolute best service possible. Companies that have E-Commerce as their primary channel cannot afford not to give their customers the very best service. It is well accepted that E-commerce can bring great benefits to customers, be it discounted, competitive prices, convenience of shopping from home or options like returns and refunds which are usually unavailable in traditional retail or commerce. As a small company with sustainability dependent on timely cash flows, we also have a perfect customer in our mind.

The perfect e-commerce customer for us exhibits the two traits below :

1)  Responsible : As Customers, many a times after we buy, we tend to think about a few questions after we buy it – do we really need it ? Will it fit my sense of style etc. Since E-commerce is not touch and feel as traditional retail, it is important to look at product details, the size, shape etc and how it fits ones needs. This can minimize any chance of returns. A return is not a happy outcome for both the customer and the retailer, especially for the retailer, because there are multiple costs related to a product – marketing cost, operational costs, logistic cost, cost of capital etc. An e-commerce transaction is based on mutual trust and shared responsibility between a customer and the retailer. Here’s where a responsible customer helps the whole ecosystem to be cost efficient and provide benefits both the customer and retailer.

2) Reasonable : There are multiple parts in processing an order e.g Payment, packaging, labeling, delivery, receipt etc. Though some of the bigger E-commerce companies can sometimes provide all of this in a single day in some cities, most deliveries require a lead time between 2-5 days. The perfect customer understands this and provides the right information (e.g availability for receipt of goods to Courier person) to facilitate this. She also understands that everyone in every industry be the manufacturing industry or the logistic industry have holidays (e.g Sunday) and is respectful that business is conducted on business days. As a owner of a business that employs bottom of the pyramid artisans and painters, I consider it extremely important that my employees have reasonable work timings and work days.

As a company, we focus immensely on not just finding customers for our products but also the perfect customers. That’s why we have had great customers, some of whom have become great friends as well. We get to hear a lot from them.

We know it is kind of difficult and maybe controversial to be picky about your customers but we need to make sure that we run a sustainable business so that we can pay our employees on time and that’s the only way. Thank you to all KraftInn customers. You have been perfect.