Star- studded walls… – by Dagny Sol

I saw this a long time back… someone sent me a link to a site… I browsed and was held captive. This bit of magic was created in a land far from my home. But what does that matter? I saw this. It lured, it enticed, it held my imagination captive. A few clicks and I was assured that it had begun its journey from that far away place. In three days flat, I was cutting away the awesome packing. Stout burlap encasing a thermocol box inside which, this nestled in yet more packing. Such a delicate thing, traveling almost 2000kms, arriving with not a scratch..! AND in three days..! At a price that can only be called ‘throw- away’. For three months I waited to have this put up because there was repair/ renovation work going on in the house. Last night I took it out of its packing for the last time and waited while it was being put up. Then the stars came home.

No, I didn’t expect this. I knew it would look nice… but when it got installed I realized that to use the adjective nice (one I’ve always disliked), was to insult this magnificence.
I didn’t expect this magic. I didn’t expect the stars suddenly springing up on my walls.
The flimsy veil… the added allure… the enhanced magic…